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I have known Stephen for two decades. I call him a friend, but really he’s so much more than that. One time, years ago, I was in Japan and my life was unravelling. Stephen asked me to meet him at a Shinto shrine. From there, he took me deep into a nearby forest. I didn’t emerge from that forest for about eight hours. There, seated on the forest floor, I met Altair Shyam and he pieced me back together. His wisdom, his knowledge, his ability to access energy, his capacity to gently reach into you and reveal your potential is utterly unique. I left that forest a different person and gave Stephen the nickname, Forest Yoda.

I have been fortunate to meet many healers and teachers on my travels, but only one Forest Yoda. Stephen’s gifts are incomparable and include the talent for weaving wisdom into tales. He has always been a wonderful storyteller, no doubt a legacy of his Maori heritage. But for years I’ve been telling him to write his story, the story… the story that will help others.

This is it. Diary of a Yogi – A TRUE STORY is more than a book. It is a journey you take that will profoundly impact your life. This is your chance to go into the forest with Stephen and emerge transformed.

Jane Tara